Storm Basketball



Q. What age groups does Storm Basketball programs cater to?

A. Storm Basketball offers training for
players from Kindergarten through 12th Grade in High School.

Q. How do your programs accommodate players with different skill levels?

A.   We maintain a 1-6
coach-to-player ratio, allowing us to teach and challenge every player within
our program, regardless of skill level.

Q. Are there any discounts available for your programs?

A. Yes, we offer multiple camp
discounts, multiple player discounts for families with more than one player
participating, and military discounts. We are also working on implementing a
payment plan to accommodate more players. Contact us for more information.

Q. What are the prerequisites for joining your camps and training sessions?

A. There are no prerequisites other than
maintaining good academic performance for the camps, unless specifically stated
in the program description and on the flyer.

Q. How long do your sessions typically last, and how often do they take place?

A. Most sessions are one hour per day,
once a week, unless it’s a summer camp or specialized camp with a different

Q. How can parents get involved in Storm Basketball?

A. We are working on providing avenues
for parents to participate and help improve Storm Basketball’s experience for
everyone. Interested parents can reach out directly to Keith Witter, the
program director.

Q. What safety measures are in place during practice sessions and games?

A. We follow all IHSA (Illinois High
School Association) safety standards, and our coaches adhere to these standards
to provide a safe experience for all players.

Q. How can I join Storm Basketball and participate in your programs?

A. Storm Basketball has open enrollment
for all camps and basketball training offerings. Visit our website and create
an account to see all current and upcoming camp offerings at

Q. Where do your programs take place?

A. Currently, all of our training
offerings are at The Belleville Sportsplex – 2346 Mascoutah Ave, Belleville, IL
62221, the Home of Storm Basketball. We also offer on-site training at schools
and different locations upon request.

Q. How is our coaching approach different?

A. We teach and explain the how-to’s and
why’s in basketball, breaking down each detail and explaining it in a way that
is easy to understand. Our loving and respectable approach to teaching the game
helps players understand the process of how and why they need to perform each

Q. How can I stay updated on news and events related to Storm Basketball?

A. When you create an account on our
website, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our email database to be informed
of new and upcoming training sessions.

Q. Do you
offer specialized training for specific positions, like point guards or
shooting guards?

A. Yes, throughout the year, we offer
specific skills camps for different position players, focusing on increasing
skill sets for those positions and/or skills.

Q. Are there any additional equipment or gear requirements for participants in your

A. No specialized gear is required. We
recommend athletic apparel and basketball shoes for proper performance during
training. All basketballs and equipment are provided for each training session.