Storm Basketball


About Us

Southern Illinois Storm is not just another club basketball program. It is the collection of views and visions that owner Keith Witter developed through the course of his life. Witter’s overall vision is based on the premise that you can teach young student athletes the lessons they will need to get through life through the game of basketball.

What we try to do as a basketball organization is to provide a learning environment, which fosters a friendly, safe, competitive atmosphere where basketball is the centerpiece, but the focus of the organization remains squarely on the development, education and well-being of our players. This begins with a strong devotion to teaching all areas of basketball fundamentals, developing the concepts of teamwork and expanding our player’s fundamental skills in order to allow them to compete at whatever is the next level, be it middle school, high school or college level.

Academics is an equally important aspect of our organization in the development of our players. Fulfilling each player’s dreams and aspirations can only be reached with a solid educational foundation. For our organization, school and academic achievement is a major element of our player development equation. Sportsmanship, mental toughness, nutrition, faith, self-confidence, family values, are all part of what makes up our highly successful and proven program.


Our Mission is to use basketball as a gateway, we passionately teach and increase the skills of the game – of both basketball and of life!

Supporters of NBA & USA Youth Basketball Standards